The Little Ruler #microfiction #magpietales

Some men flaunt their greatness in stature before the masses while others are great because they have a big heart

He had a mighty voice so they said.

He paraded and pomped a crown on his head.

Wherever he went they oohed and they awed

Some said he was greater than God

Then came a day a wind blew and blew

and when it was over his kingdom was through

He cried and he tantrumed with his little voice

the people heard  it had been their choice

for when the wind had stopped and people could see

what was left was minute smaller than wee

the king had put himself high in acclaim

but he was nothing more than the height of his crane

Many thanks to Tess of Magpie Tales for the wonderful prompt this week.

He is gone (Week 20 Poet Rally)

Sun has vanished

moon peers over the plains

gently she whispers

“where have you gone?”

“Radiating light

to other parts of the world”

He booms

None too quietly

She smiles in her dark solitude

Knowing all is well

He is content

In his world

Even when he is gone

he inspires

She glows with pride

Thanks to Jingle for the Award. I would like to pass this award on to a friend Charles Martin.

You can read his wonderful poetry at

Thanks also to RC Designer for the lovely photo at dusk (Lic: Creative Commons)