Behind the Elevator #poetry #photography


Beckoned to the mystery

something I might dread

there has to be something

behind the hallway of my head

my finger shudders, lingers

on THE button slowly now

once I press it “Open”

“Close” may not be allowed

my hand makes the decision

reason swirls with dismay

one thing I can tell you

I’ll never be the same

If I told you what I found there

you’d be in a tangle too

but I signed a special paper

you’ll wish in part you knew

the question now arises

where am I am I not

if you knew the answer

you’d stand to lose alot

Wishing all the Poet’s United folks a happy Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving (for those who are celebrating) and thanks Sumana for the prompt “Hyperbole.”



Fenetra #oneshootsunday

Les Yeux

a Window

an opening to my soul

you saw

further than any human

what did you see?



My Jail!!!



 there is no way

to extract freedom

for there are




Look – See and join us at One Shoot Sunday for a picture prompt

Senseless #poetry

I have seen far too much
To want to be alive
You ask me to breathe the air
There is none to breathe
See again the horrors
My life has seen them all
No – My heart was broken once
My skin peeled back
Leave Me!
My world without feeling
Is better when you are gone

Thanks to Fee Easton for the sharing your photography with us at One Shoot Sunday today. The above photograph is just one sample shared with One Stop Poetry

What the Dickens? (#poetry picture prompt)

Thanks to Bookstains for the “What the Dickens?” poetry challenge. I read an assortment of my favorite Dickens each year. My favorite would have to be “The Tale of Two Cities” followed by “Great Expectations” hmm I think”A Christmas Carol” …(don’t get me going)

Of hardship, suffering

How do you know

the plight to those

so very low?


Your words


man and his fate

you aptly plot

the gangliest trait


“These are but shadows

of  things that have been”

mastery in words

though of the dead


Fraught in his day

had such pity

shows the  delights

of many a city