Swept Away (#poetry )

On a steed you came

swept me from my terror

placed me in a meadow

filled with fragrance and shelter


Your hands had held me

your eyes now too

nor could I look away

from your kindness true


Forehead spoke of promise

nose spoke of fate

and as I looked closer

your lips swept me away


Into a land I’d never seen

nor scarcely heard

Where springs caressed rocks

breezes were softly heard


I couldn’t walk away

not yesterday nor today

I melted in your arms

removed from any harm

I wrote a Flash Fiction yesterday of a Knight and a lady (Waiting for Night)  this seemed a perfect companion.

Protect the Tyler Clementis from Cyber Harassment

Tyler Clementi was the college student with exceptional musical talent and hopes of more to come. This student’s life ended abruptly this week.Why??? Because of Cyber harassment.

I wrote an article earlier this week.Since that article, I have heard from several gifted in the arts who have received different levels of harassment. One poet is so emotionally distressed he can’t create.

I have heard from calloused people who have commented people should “get over it.”

Have you ever been in the shoes of an artist?? What makes them creative is their hypersensitivity to life. A leaf drops and they write about “the end.” They feel each word, each sound, each color. It’s their intensity that helps the world at large appreciate beauty. Harass them and you strangle their creativity. My poet friend wants to escape from blogdom to heal.

Yet there are those who are callous and harass who feel it is their first amendment right to say whatever cruel and bullying thing that comes off the keyboard. I’m thinking the first amendment is over rated when the Tyler Clementis (the next generation of musical beauty) are driven to death.

What say you??? Do we let those with bitter jealously continue to hang the tender hearted writers, painters, and musicians of our world? They are cracking down on cyber bullying of teens. Why can’t we extend that crack down. It should not be a legal to exude cruelty and destroy people like Tyler Clementi.

Life Like a Rose (Thursday Poet Rally)

Each was born a small thing

not much color

sheltered and protected

until they were older


she soaked in light and heat

they made her strong

so she could face the world

and show her face

someday soon


her little sister

kept from the light

thinking it would cause pain

she only knew cold


as she began to open

a layer of beauty

and color was revealed

she felt the morning dew

against her skin


the sister by now afraid

thought” how can I face the world?”

would life and love be too harsh

for this little protected one?


the morning of glory came

in radiant beauty

she held her head high

before the world and sun’s light

soft , delicate, yet strong


the sister remained sheltered

fearful for her sister

and the pain

she must endure

for loveliness she knew

must pay a price


he chose her for himself

embracing her in his hands

she felt love as he drew breath

he took her loveliness in

she was complete


the little bud

too weak to glow and bloom

a dry sad face

never to know beauty

never to be embraced

in the hands of a lover

The Heart of the Sea

Thunderous waves crashed

on a tender heart

her quiet plea

don’t tear me  apart”


The spent wave

gently caressed her worn soul

healing  the pains

taking no more toll


Embraced by calm winds

whispers  in her ear

it soothed and spoke

“yes you are so dear”


Rocks were firm

like a strong arm

protecting against

threats of  distant harm


Smile in the sunrise

promises of  hope

precious moments by the  sea

kites, castles, and boats