Dailypost/ WordPress Bittersweet #poetry #gift #photography

split stone

A day not so long ago

you looked into me with intense eyes

honesty probed my split heart

you hid not in mystery or guise


A day not so long ago

your fingers wrapped around mine

strong support with kindness

I lost all count of time


A day that seemed not so long ago

your love melted this torn heart

stitching back together hard edges of pain

that’s where we made a new start


A day that seemed not so long ago

a gift was offered to me

amidst a waterfall of tears

your open love and honesty

and I took it

You receive a gift that  is bittersweet, it makes you nostalgic. What is it???

The above is today’s WordPress Daily Post prompt.

Photography: “Split Stone” L. Moon copyright 2013

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