Beneath your feet #photography

horse on beachfeet and grassbridge runner


Beneath your feet

the crunch of sand

I leave the earth

escape dry land

on tufts of green

my boots will go

and run away

past winter’s snow

my feet will guide

on moving trends

 journey today

all over again

Refreshed #poetry #haiku

sweat lodge –
my only vision
is of the cool water

~ Garry Gay of the American Haiku Society

cross-country run

refreshment our reward’s goal

melted winter flows

Today’s Special at Carpe Diem is in the spirit of contemporary haiku by Garry Gay

Photograph: Small Waterfall © L. Moon

A Fist Full of Sunshine #poetry #music #poetsunited

I remember grabbing for life and my first …

Fist full of sunshine

rays capturing my skin

music rolling about my head

fist full of sunshine

fingers rolling

plucking each base chord

fist full of sunshine

rushing in a stream

synthesized dream

fist full of sunshine

forward  I run my ten

fastest time yet

fist full of sunshine

warmth prickling tan skin

blonde streaks glowing

fist full of sunshine

topdown on the coast

Round-a-bout rolling over the 1

fist full of sunshine

blue eyes sparkle

off the end of the day

fist full of sunshine

children dance in the last beams

catching their summer’s screams

fist full of sunshine

spray wets my lips

salt water kisses

fist full of sunshine

sand squeeking feet

under our moon lit waltz

fist full of sunshine

the watch on my wrist

counts the years apart

fist full of sunshine

your perfect silhouette

wax cast in my dreams

fist full of sunshine

there in our forever

your dark eyes drive me

fistfull of sunshine

anchor holds us close

seaweed swirls about ankles

fist full of sunshine

no storm can pull us away

from this together love

fist full of sunshine

flashes of memory

show me your face

fist full of sunshine

waiting for so many years

for love’s tide to come in

fist full of sunshine

coming full circle

to you my love

fist full of sunshine

writing act two

of me and you

fist full of sunshine

our hands clasped

footsteps in life’s sands

fist full of sunshine

swing me off the planet

write our story in moon dust

The prompt for <a href=”” title=”verse first”>Verse First (I remember) was an exercise in writing which is always good to “light up” inspiration. I put on Yes’ “Round About” (an all time summer favorite) and wrote free for 15 minutes. I Stepped away from it (I gathered some of my photography) came back after 15 minutes and cleaned up my verse. Hope you feel pulled into the passenger’s seat of a fast convertible sports car that is driving down highway 1 in California (runs along the coast). If you feel the sun against your skin (no spf allowed) and children laughing in the waves and you see eyes and lips of two lovers held apart in time until their feet finally touch the sand together, then I have succeeded in this prompt for “I Remember…”

photography: Guitar, Invert Anchor, Sandy Path, Sea Foam all copyrighted images of L. Moon

Running Friends #parable #running #AtoZchallenge #children

There are many lessons we learn from our friends

There were two friends. They were similar in many ways. They were both very good runners.

They would get up at 5 each morning and spend time together running.

Running was so wonderful; they both decided  to run in a race.

The two friends entered and they tied which was no surprise to any who had known them.

The newspaper wrote about the two friends as they were the fastest runners.

They ran more races.

They always tied.

One friend was happy to run for the fun and friendship.

The other friend secretly cut out each picture and article from the newspaper.

One friend  wanted to be better than the other.

she had friends do mean things before meets to her friend.

once – something was put in her water that made her sick

one person tripped the friend. she ran with bruises and a headache.

Her attitude never changed.

She was happy when her friend started winning.

The other friend was bitter and resentful of her friend

The mantra “Winning is everything” filled her heart

The friend loved racing and met others who she could run with for the joy of running

the other friend in time lost most of her races

She came to realize her friend had made her look good

without her she was a loser

Parables are valuable ways to learn lessons without directly informing another of a personal “failing.” Parables are tools to train children; Jesus told parables to teach adults who were unable to look at themselves honestly. This parable is in part true as it reflects two friends of mine who were brothers. One brother was a talelnted singer the other younger brother became a state champion (runner). He never cared that the papers wrote about him week after week. The older brother could not stand the fact that his brother was better known publically than himself.
I am a published children’s author. In my writings, I have written booklets for children with lessons or parables written in short story form.

Dead End #Flashfiction

Infernal buzzing noise in my head.

shielding my eyes from

the swirling choking,  cloak of dust

powerfully sucking me closer.

This can’t be – must be a dream

Legs in frenzied motion

Mercilessly aiming straight at me

no rock, no place to hide

Today’s terror is not cinematography!

what did I do to …

Alas ~I’ve reached an end ~dead!!!

Initially I was going to tell the reader who the speaker is but I thought it would be fun to see if anyone could guess.

…And to all you Fabulous Friday Fifty Five Flash Fiction  Fanatics Finding Frivolous Fun ( that was a bucal cavity full) check out more at G-Man’s place.

Just Hail the Taxi (I mean mom)


to school

to the


back again

you forgot



I might have


but what I really

need is

a test

to see if

I am still



What hamster

running in a wheel


take a


and squeal


The only thing


from me

is the sound

of my



My poor


look and freeze

while praying

dear God

stop her