The Raven’s Word #poetry #photography

bandw inverted leaf
Last of Fall

Dark they fell

wings of death’s foreboding

fell messengers

what do they tell?

“All is lost

lost are they

who venture close

or come this way”

and so a tear

futility falls

falls with the last

none are left

none at all


Over at Saturday Centus Jenny Matlock’s prompt “I’ve Officially Reached Critical Mass” appropriate considering the asteroid that exploded this week


Caught by her… #vampire #flashfiction

“you can have all of them or me”

she waved her hand at an impressive lineup of beautiful women

“what was it about her that captivated me and would not let me go?

Hmmm could it have been the long raven hair to go with those long, silky legs

or perhaps those eyes that held me in a mystical trance?


Her voice smooth yet strong

fingers that laced in my hair not letting me go?


was it

is it

by chance

those lips

ruby red

perfect in every way

dripping sweet, sensuous blood





Thanks to Jenny Matlock for a superb prompt for her Saturday Centus. This lady “takes the cake…” Try this prompt out !

The Grand Finale #flashfiction #saturdaycentus

It had been the longest playing off broadway show she had starred in.  The show had a bit of everything romance, intrigue,  deception and murder

“This will be our last performance” the stage manager said to the cast wiping his face with his sleeve.

It’s been a good run one of the leads said nervously peering over his shoulder. It’s always better to close the show before they stop coming.

“We know where all the bodies are buried” was written in lipstick on her dressing room mirror.

Somehow she always knew…

Tonight’s last performance would include the death of two leads not the traditional one.

Thanks to Jenny Matlock who hosts Saturday Centus. This weeks prompt: “We know where all the bodies are buried “

If I die young … #MicroFiction

Life is too long when you have lost your one true love…

A single tear dropped on the ivory lettered page in tribute to her beloved Pete.

He had wanted to live life fully, romantically, and on the edge.

“Oh Pete you didn’t need to get that close to the edge – you might still be with me now had you stayed on the path.

So if I die young it will not be because I was married to a gorgeous man with laser like blue eyes that pour desire and love into my being.

My last touch will not be touching the bronze skin of a beautiful, muscled athlete.

Lips will not kiss sweetness that exude words of love and praise

If I die young, it will be because I carelessly swerve  in front of a semi having no desire to live this life alone without the man who placed a

band of gold on my finger less than three years ago~~~~~

Oh PETE!!!!!!”


Thanks to Jenny at  SaturdayCentus for the prompt  “If I die young”




Too Late … #flashfiction

Hold me close

too late we’ve met

 kiss me now

and never let

our lips …

Thanks to Jenny Matlock for the Saturday Centus

this week’s prompt “Before I die I want to” must be written in 15 words (now there’s a challenge)

Please check out Tony Hisgett  for his awesome work as a photographer: