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Stopping for the Calm #poetry #photography

winter water


I had to stop reflect on  blue

the water so beautiful like something else I knew

a robin’s egg readied for spring

blue morpho butterfly perched on a twig

I had to stop reflect on  water

were it spring I would not have bothered

the rain had been a soaking downpour

in little less than an hour before

I had to stop reflect on life

one moment grey the next was light

and never mix your metaphors

when you stand upon the changing shore



This picture was taken Jan 1, 2014. It looks like an early fall day. The storm had had me concerned about driving through it once the sun went down.

The prompt at Poet’s United “Distractions or Stops Along the Way” 

Photography L. Moon Calm after the storm

Morpho Butterfly Thanks to for the Morpho photograph

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I Wait for Forever #poetry #photography

Forever it seems

I wait upon this shore

my eyes are open

have not what I need to see


I wait upon the shore

wistful thoughts 

pass by like clouds

what must it be like to soar?


My eyes are open

ocean’s spray starts my sight

beauty too magnificent 

 these lips explanation cannot cope


I have not what I need to see

to the other side

but there will come a day

when forever will surpass my dreams

Photograph: “Receeding Tide” © L. Moon 2013


Calm (a poem)

The perfect day

may come and go

but on the shore

I’m free to roam

Most everyday

I hear the sea

quiet lapping

calls to me

I want to dance

splash in the sun

feel the water

laugh,  have fun

The blue  calm

each mid-day

gives  ease

puts concerns  away

So will you come

to visit me

in a quaint town

by the sea?

Photograph: “Menai Strait- Wales”   L. Moon