Slipping #elderly #hospice #photography

her fragile skin

fall crackles beneath feet

blue eyes question

 sky hidden behind clouds

your arms reach out for emptiness

wind blows yesterday’s away

our fingers grasp each other

another good day


Working with the elderly is filled with joy and tears. Little bits or progress are a victory. Laughter and friends heal many of yesterday’s scars.


Measure of Success #postaday #poetry

in balance

I have known plenty

I have known want

I learned more from one

and little from the other

it takes no imagination

no strength of character

to spend large amounts of money

you never have to balance

need with want

you just buy



the bag

into the



I have known plenty

and I have known want

it takes ingenuity and creativity

to stretch one dollar, one pound or euro

to last seven days

and at the end of the week

to look  the paper in the face

see an upturned hand in need

smile as it becomes another’s

I have known plenty

and I have known want

what I learned

about spending money

can fill one tablespoon

what I learned

from having none

can fill volumes of books

 p e r h a p s

you will

be the








So many people will attribute success to having  money and things. Why is this the case? Over the centuries, some of the greatest minds had very little; most of the most talented artists, musicians and poets were poor. I have never been wealthy (not in the material sense) but I have known some extremely wealthy people and was sad at their inability to think or use their resources for anything but themselves. (dont get me wrong I have also known people who had money, lived simply and gave their money abundantly to help others.)  I think money is a tool (like a wrench or a mixer). If you know how to use such an implement, you can fix things that are broken or you can create a new spicy dish. If you do not, then they are worthless pieces of metal. (or paper)

The wordpress prompt for Post a Day is the Spice of Success.

If “failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor” (Truman Capote), how spicy do you like your success stories?

Look at Me #poetry #photography


you cannot  measure it, I know

nor can you wield  like sword or pen

tho fingers long to take, possess

it’s elusive now and then

aspire to  greatness, it is gone

turn your back and then it stays

for those out front and thespian types

it dances and it plays

why you so eager,  trap and grasp

success within your hand

for those with truly many gifts

never see its feathers fanned

then grasp now to what you will

look at  days for all they are

for you much treasure may you see

holding life,  a child, shining star


Today’s prompt at Poet’s United Midweek Motif is success. Is success within your grasp or do you reach for other things???