Not to Scale #photography #poetry



whether viewing football

through a glass

winter scene

rear view passed

what rose is sweeter

than its name

endless scales

perception changed


Ok so the poem is silly. The first photograph is an 80″ view of the Superbowl through an 8 oz glass. These all being offered for the WordPress Photochallenge  prompt- SCALE


Have A Ball!!! #football #superbowl #flashfiction

Hands ready to receive the ball
Feet Ready to hear the call “goal”
Fans ready to eat, drink and watch some plays
 old timers remember the days
 Crews ready for live interviews with Tom and
Coaches ready for the yellow flag to fly
 all because of a ball the shape of a brown ellipse

Happy Super Bowl watching to all of you football voyeurs – otherwise happy flash fiction writing.

(Each week some very talented writers share  flash fiction  with GMan. Everyone is welcome to join the 55 word challenge)