La Luna #poetry #photography #alone #symbolism

clothed in shimmering white
She dances and sways
to a starry ritornelle
a gaze over her shoulder
catches her reflection
beams at  radiant beauty
delight as she changes with the tide

enshrouded in the cover of darkness
surrounded by empty silence
cold shivers fill the night
No audience to marvel “how lovely”
sheet music ruffles on vacant stands
alone in the loneliest of places

The Cosmos


Moondustwriter celebrates 10 years of  blogging on Word Press. This is an archived poem from the first month (with some minor changes). Poetry is cathartic and I hope anyone who needs to blow off steam finds the outlet in writing.

As this posts, I will be in Africa doing what I love – teaching the children I write for. 10 years ago this was only a dream now this is an amazing reality.

Thank you Word Press for giving artists, writers, poets a place for venting, a place to fly…

To those of you who have encouraged me to not give up (you know who you are) I’m sending a bouquet of Thank Yous!!!

A Garden of Love #mother’sday #mothers #haiku #flowers

hibiscus beauty

A woman’s love

open gift for her children

nothing in return


nothing in return

sacrifice by the plenty

fragrant flower


fragrant flower

reminds me of her garden

where love always blooms


In tribute to women the world over who have made this globe a better place to live because of their gift of love and example to their children.

Thanks to Kristjaan at Carpe Diem who has encouraged us to offer our haiku – simple words to those who have done so much.


Photography: “Hibicus Beauty” copyright L. Moon 2012

“Yellow Rose Pink Kissed” L. Moon 2011

One Lovely Blog Award #award #thankyou

Laura Mercurio graciously has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award

Laura LME  is a poet, published author, radio host/producer of VIM show at GetYourz Radio,spoken word recording artist (PoeticBeatz) and founder of ≈Verses In Motion≈ 
Laura’s most recent work is an EP of poetry in music Absolute ° Gravity“ out now on all major digital stores.

I met Laura several years ago and was at once impressed by her artistic talent. I was so excited when I heard about her book and the other projects that are growing from her creative touch. Laura is a treasure in both talent and heart. She shines as she looks far and wide for artist’s work to share with the world.

7 Unknown Things about me:

1) In university I gave up my studies as an artist to study premed (big mistake)

2) Ive sung backups in several bands (soprano to Bass)

3) Though my daughter is the actress, I have been the supporting lead in several musicals

4) I like dancing under the blue moon

5) I have  too many smart people in my family

6) I dont live on the moon I just visit 🙂

7) At 32 years of age I died in a car accident  (even modern medicine said my being alive is a miracle)


I humbly offer this award to 15 people who have been like a back-bone of support to me during my sojourn on the dark side of the moon.

“No matter the deed big or small,  a kindness is a gift to all” ~ L. Moon

“The Rules” are:

If you are one of the nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award you must do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to them in your post.
  • Share seven unknown things about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers and blogs you like or admire… 15 or so if possible (see below my list…)
  • Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.

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Monty Wheeler

One Letter at a time #reflection #shortstory

Each letter has something to say…

“Take one letter any one ”

“What if I take the wrong one?”

“You can’t they all have something to say”

With eyes closed a “T” appears

“That’s easy Thank You for Today”

a smile comes over the horizon in the shape of the sun

Mine is “H” Have a hopeful heart

Giggles rustle through the trees

“this is fun”

“Yes I thought you’d like it my child”

“C” pops up next

“Take Care and be Concerned for others”

“K” is mine she squeals”

“Kiss for mommy on the cheek”

“Hmm each of those are precious honey.”

“P” I take a thoughtful moment

“Pray honey, Praise your God never forget to say Please”

“I wont mommy” she says so grownup. “I wont forget”


Thank you God for being more than able to hold my concerns in your capable hands

I am hopeful for another day and for healing that you have promised from this cancer

May I in my own concerns never stop caring for the concerns of others

Feel me blow kisses to the wind for you and all who I love

Please give me a heart to praise you daily in song and in silence.

May my prayers be faithful for others; those many dear people who care for me and the lost.

~Love Me

Photograph “Letters” copyright L. Moon 2012