Zebra #atozchallenge #Uganda


I can’t count your stripes

or see through the trees

white and black patterns

are camouflage it seems

There were no zebras on safari in Uganda. The ranger told us the herds in that part of the country had contracted disease but fortunately the zebras in other regions are alive and well. Funny thing I cant find a bit about the missing zebras in the news or any google search. Someone is behind the times or lines…

Cant believe that this marks the very end of the A to Z challenge.



All Is No More #poetry

Kiss the wall

embrace the sands of the past

appeal to life’s eclipse

… no answer

mourn the day

curse the night

life ebbs

… no where to search

weep by candle light

inhale sea’s deep

hope for what is not

…last breath

Photography “The Sands of Time”  ~L. Moon Copyright 2011