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Day’s End #photography #poetry


rain and thunder

Rain drops collide with mid afternoon heat

thunder’s timpani roll  in loud rumbles

the conductor excitedly increases the tempo

light flashes as the cymbals strike

leaves clap their hands

trees bow in deference

the moon’s light brightens the sky

nature hushes waiting for a silvery banquet

fire flies approach the dance floor

spinning their partners in charged ecstasy

summer beads off my brow as I watch day’s end

leaf drop

a to z challenge · nature · Photography · Poetry

Thunderous #atozchallenge #poetry #photography


Thunderous my feelings

blue eyes gaze into my soul

weak kneed tremble

thunder sends me reeling

  the clouds clap with emotion

caught off guard I tumble

thunderous my feelings

blue eyes gaze into my soul


An eight- line stanza having just two rhymes and repeating the first line as the fourth and seventh lines, and the second line as the eighth.

The Triolet is a fun form to play with as it is short and sweet. I tend to take the primary line (1, 4and 7) and alter the words but not the sentiment. Have a go…


“The world is but a canvas to our imagination”

~Henry David Thoreau

Where does your imagination take you?????


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Sweeping my porch #haiku #photography

summer's edge

sweeping my porch

thunder claps while  lightening points

reveal what I missed

Our third Carpe Diem Special by Jane Reichhold is today’s prompt. For this Special Kristjaan has chosen a haiku of Summer.His hope is that her haiku will give   inspiration to write a haiku in the same sense, tone and Spirit as the one by Jane.

sweeping the porch
bright prints of raindrops

followed by splashes

~Jan Reichhold


photograph: Summer’s Edge © L.  Moon 2012