The Journey Makes All the Difference #photochallenge

Always another bend in the road before we reach those we love always another step to take before were are home always another hill to climb before we are here and safe The Daily Post Photochallenge for this week is On The Way. What journeys do you experience on the way?

Memory’s Sandy Remnants #poetry #photography #travel

In my shoes lays a trace little flecks of sand carrying vibrant still stories and songs I miss my summer friends In my pocket my fingers lace reminders of a far off land memory the fibers fill days that lingered long I miss my summer friends In my heart a place little flecks of sandContinue reading “Memory’s Sandy Remnants #poetry #photography #travel”

And I was No Where at All #microfiction #travel #dpchallenge

Destination: no where at all The words flashed on the screen in the airport. I was glad to be on my last leg of my journey. “Where was it the ticket said I was going?” No matter the airline knows. The pilot most certainly knows. As I grabbed my gear, a back pack that hadContinue reading “And I was No Where at All #microfiction #travel #dpchallenge”

Heart of a Gypsy #haiku #poetry

turn the pages at home with the locals stamps on my passport *** “A traveler am I and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region within my soul”. ~ Gibran The Carpe Diem prompt is Travellers. Kristjaan talks about a particular group the Travellers (from Ireland.)

Where Did I Lose My Name? #poetry #travel

  Somewhere between LAX, Charlotte  and Baltimore I lost my identity in the airplane engine’s intake (or in the Starbuck’s line) I was sucked in spun about spit out on a cup what remains are three letters that don’t belong to me I finger them striving for meaning squinting for an answer “L” always a sexyContinue reading “Where Did I Lose My Name? #poetry #travel”

Travel with me #photography #poetry

All over the world have I gone each pin on the map a smiling face where you belong your homes you opened dirt floor or no tiny rooms on a small lift you go living with you no matter no where showed a window to love generous people who cared I have travelled all overContinue reading “Travel with me #photography #poetry”

Inside the Window #photography #poetry

Can you imagine what you could see if you could climb inside of me a window to another world devoid of space and time a place where travel is with light and color is sublime This week join The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge as we jump inside. A great place for the imagination to frolic.Continue reading “Inside the Window #photography #poetry”

C & O Canal #iphotography #vacation #photography

I’m always grateful for the little camera that fits in my pocket and seconds as a phone. Travel is the iphotography challenge for Monday hosted by Sally over at

Travel Through My Tears #dailyprompt #travel #photography

Today’s Daily Post Challenge is  cross country travel  She left me today -here the otherside of the country in her horizon as I drove away I could only see pink through my tears Were I a bird I’d be glad to see my fledgling’s contrail lifted high above the world I put my daughter on aContinue reading “Travel Through My Tears #dailyprompt #travel #photography”

I can hear the chorus #NWCU #poetry #Photography #travel

You stand so still these days yet in each brick I hear a phrase “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” ** Angels supplication as your heart’s pour out remove the suffocation of these troublesome times *** For peace our plea hear good will toward all men Women’s tears bathe the earthen floor *** mine mingle with theirsContinue reading “I can hear the chorus #NWCU #poetry #Photography #travel”


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