Fragile #haiku

eda moroshi   hi toshi yaburu    aki no kaze

fragile twigs
breaking off the scarlet papers
autumn winds

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

‘Toshi’ refers to a very fragile paper made in China. The idea of the poem was that even a fragile twig could tear the paper or the twigs were too fragile to hold on to the Autumn leaves.

I think of an old book

had been read for many ages

so aged, yellow and ripped

as I turned the pages

the words I embraced

for a final time they were read

final dust in my fingertips

 open book

A tree long ago

autumn winds flurry through text

words fragile as twigs

Fragile Twigs – a fine prompt from Kristjaan at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

It wasn’t beneath the tree #Christmas #giving #poetry

beneath the tree

we rarely had a tree

 if we did it was made from pine cones

once my mom made one from tissue paper

it wasnt what was under the tree

it was




 golden glow

perhaps angels

rested for a moment

caroling down our chimney

 maybe the  spirit of Christmas knew

as   the   winds   blew   that   we   had   little


warmth and hope


I’d  scrape my meager earnings as a babysitter

she wouldn’t eat lunch for months

we looked eagerly for discounts

Christmas Eve

 we would fill our little car

with  bags of groceries

one special gift for each family member on the list

I always delivered the gifts personally

I loved to see

Christmas wonder

in the children and parent’s eyes

on Christmas morning we could almost hear the squeals of joy

 the crunch of red and green paper

“Merry Christmas, Mama”

“Merry Christmas child” she said

as the spirit of Christmas warmed our souls


This is dedicated to the people who freely give to others. I have, too many times to recall, been the recipient of  kindness during the holiday season. I hope each of you can experience the warm spirit of Christmas this year!

Connected #poetry #photography

Like the roots of life seeking tree

the colorful threads, a tapestry

we weave and sow

our lives together grow

what the source then

is it love for ink,  joy of  pen?

 does the dust from your star

mingle with mine no matter how far?


we weave and sow

and like friends tho far we grow

the songs we sing may different be

you may swim a different sea

your blue eyes twinkle mine do laugh

champagne bubbles in each other’s glass

a toast I raise to you to me

splendors shared, writers we

Join Verse First and the delightful prompt ” We are interconnected” 

Photography © L. Moon 2013

Helpless #flashfiction #newcago


I wanted to cover my ears as the flames licked the sky in Newcago.

“Help me. I’m on fire!”

“I can’t see…”

the wail of a small child

Helpless I watched. The firefighters tried but could not get to the center of the apartment complex.

Then the first bodies…

The charred hand of my favorite professor. He turned that ring around his finger while he lectured.

Find me a lonesome tree in OldYork where I can bury my nightly pain.

But I knew I was the only one who could find the scum who burned people for the hell of it.


The gnarled tree is today’s prompt from Friday Fictioneers led by our hostess Rochelle. It’s the kind of tree you could sit beneath for a picnic or a good rant. Have a look at what the Fictioneers are writing about today.

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I Beg for Peace #Christmas #poetry #photography

painted christmas ball

I wish I may

I wish I might

dream on a star

or angel in flight

with closed eyes

and open heart

I dream of Peace

of Wise Men too

A precious babe

 came for me and you



and green

resemble life

the blood that spilled

broken body putrid strife

the ornaments I hang on a tree

he hung on one

to set us free

and so tonight

I beg for peace

and Baby Jesus to set things right

Photography: “Painted Christmas Ball”- copyright 2012 L. Moon