Beneath the Tree #3 #elderly #Christmas #poetry

Sitting in a chair watching the door for days turkey smells are old something in her memory plays closets all are opened every ornament has a place this big house is empty ghosts in too many a space Sitting in a chair she ticks the number of gifts her grandchildren are grown more often sheContinue reading “Beneath the Tree #3 #elderly #Christmas #poetry”

Waiting for Evening (matsuyoi) #haiku #poetry #photography

Poems with the kigo Matsuyoi often refer to a certain longing especially in love poems awaiting her smile trance-like in autumn’s haze moon casts orange glow *** moon casts  orange glow golden love warmth through the night candle light flickers Carpe Diem’s prompt is Matsuyoi  (waiting evening and the autumn moon is well worth waitingContinue reading “Waiting for Evening (matsuyoi) #haiku #poetry #photography”

I Wait for Forever #poetry #photography

Forever it seems I wait upon this shore my eyes are open have not what I need to see * I wait upon the shore wistful thoughts  pass by like clouds what must it be like to soar? * My eyes are open ocean’s spray starts my sight beauty too magnificent   these lips explanation cannotContinue reading “I Wait for Forever #poetry #photography”

Why Wait? (Friday Flash Fiction)

She always kept him waiting waiting at the door, by the phone. “patience must be his virtue” his friends would mumble. She was clueless when it came to time and schedules. Then he saw her – his heart flipflopped as their eyes met he was reminded why he waited that sparkle – spoke of love and “us”Continue reading “Why Wait? (Friday Flash Fiction)”

The Woman at the Sound (Micro fiction)

“What are you pondering dear?” “Wish I could hold you one more time.” “Our boy is here with me. x’s and o’s from Heaven. Waiting for you!” Thanks to Susan of Stony River for hosting Micro Fiction Monday. Ya gotta spin a tale in 140 characters or less based on the photo prompt. Come joinContinue reading “The Woman at the Sound (Micro fiction)”

Just want to be Loved (55)

Empty nights gray days she waited patiently hope in hand She imagined Tall handsome man Would carry her away From this world One day he came Blue eyes and kind bringing years’ worth of gifts Alimony was behind She flew into his arms Tears glistened Daddy was home For this day she had been waitingContinue reading “Just want to be Loved (55)”

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