Weight of Feelings #atozchallenge #poetry #photography


I felt the weight of Atlas

precariously balanced on my shoulders

a lifetime fit into

that cupful of moments


So many things remembered

others eternally forgotten

the grimace of anguish



on my heart


A wax casting

would never hold fast the sorrow

Sadly, if it cracked

so would the dam

that held  the reservoir of emotions at bay


I would drown instantly from the deluge

“Better to suffer years

of waxen apathy”

the seer whispers “then to…


At that moment

the power of the deluge



my pain


Words: A necessary part of every poet’s verse. It’s not the number of them that counts but the meaning ascribed to each and every one.



“Poetry is the spontaneous outflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origins from emotion recollected in tranquility. “

William Wordsworth, Lyrical Ballads, 1802

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Waxen Wings #atozchallenge #poetry #Icarus #photography #napowrimo

Do you (in love) fly too close to the sun only to melt in disappointment?

Catching one last flight on the Pacific before sunset

Why did you  like Icarus fly

 toward the sun

on waxen wings

of love’s ill

begotten current


why did you not learn

that icy love melts

fool’s promises

never last



why don’t you perch

on this strong arm

frail, battered bird

until you try at flight


Photography: “Evening’s Last Flight” L. Moon 2012 © All rights reserved

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This year for  A to Z challenge, I am using the Nautilus as my inspiration all month. The shell has many chambers (at least enough to fit all the letters.)  You will find poetry,  You will find some dark stuff (as I am attempting to branch into the horror genre), You will also see a smattering of short stories or prose (some with children in mind) others as lessons that we can all learn from. I look forward to  meeting you and getting to know some talented writers over this month long writing journey. Please check over at the A to Z challenge and see what they are up to; they are a fine bunch of folks.

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