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Little Girls #children #atozchallenge


chased by waves

blowing up a balloon

hide- n -seek with daddy

chasing the moon

lung for the ball

reach for the sky

wonder on her face

gleam in her eye

little girl in red

We may never figure out exactly what a child is thinking but isn’t it fun watching them?

It’s one week today with A to Z and Napowrimo and I am meeting (as always) some talented and kind bloggers/ poets. Enjoy a month of great writing.

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Beyond the Gate #children #story #photography

Mommy what’s up there just past the gate

It’s a land that no one has ever seen

I hear it’s splendor and gold and things

Daddy what’s up there unseen beyond the gate

It’s a land where beauty and mirth flow

There are things you never will see not until you are grown

Sister please tell me what is on the path past the gate

I’ve heard it never ever ends

there are animals and pools and lots and lots of bends

Brother tell me what is past the bend beyond the gate

They say there are unimaginable  things

the water sings and they all have wings

Grandmother what is past the waters beyond the gate

honey it wont be too long til I will see

just wait a spell and you will sing and play there with me

Grandfather what is past where we sing and play beyond the gate

grandchild there is a world where no one hates

for my family I patiently wait just beyond the gate

Photograph “Gate to emptiness” L. Moon copyright 2012

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If… Then… (One Shot Wednesday Poetry)


I could look at the moon

in  her soft radiance

and hear her innermost thoughts



I could stand before the sea

in  his raging energy

and feel his surging emotion



I could embrace a new born child

in  her newness

and experience her innocent wonder



I could ride on the winds

feel the undulation of the currents

and be suspended in time and space



for one fraction

of one moment

I may have a finite grasp

of what God

lives and breathes

each day

One Shot Wednesday is a time for poets to express themselves, to experience life, love, or reality through words. Please join us as we strive to inspire each other.

Photo by Ted Kerwin