La Luna #poetry #photography #alone #symbolism

clothed in shimmering white She dances and sways to a starry ritornelle a gaze over her shoulder catches her reflection beams at  radiant beauty delight as she changes with the tide enshrouded in the cover of darkness surrounded by empty silence cold shivers fill the night No audience to marvel “how lovely” sheet music rufflesContinue reading “La Luna #poetry #photography #alone #symbolism”

Water #poetry #drought #Uganda

one blue cup each flows easily through her hands dry river beds laughter’s pure reflection sing song they learn A B Cs * so young to be old internal Acholi’s strength Nile clouds my vision * If I share a handful of their giggles, would you share a handful of precious water? This week’s  WordContinue reading “Water #poetry #drought #Uganda”

Gravity #photography #haiku

    Fallen leaves death unpreventable gravity’s rose The Word Press DP Photo Challenge is Weight (less) – “Show us the effects of gravity.”. Whether it is a physical pull or an emotional drain, gravity is always heavy.

Signs to the left of me… #photography

(… Here I am -Stuck in the middle with you) “I’m with him, ” the alien says “and who are you with?” he asks “The joker just behind – you!” For some reason the song “Stuck in the Middle with You” (clowns to the left of me jokers to the right…) bashed against my templeContinue reading “Signs to the left of me… #photography”

weekly-photo-challenge-inside #photography #haiku

roaming with my home life’s at a snail’s pace  room inside for 1 This week’s weekly photo challenge: Inside Looking inside the work of these photographers brings a smile: Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside « Leya Weekly Photo Challenge – Floating Inside My Mind | Isadora Art and Photography Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE | MAGGIE’S BLOGContinue reading “weekly-photo-challenge-inside #photography #haiku”

Unusual #dailypost #photography #poetry

And where might it bee? Alice asked of the rabbit it can be as close as your fingertips or as far a field just look through this pink tube you’ll see Unusual Can you guess what the daily post weekly photo challenge is??? And please enjoy some of these unusual and delightful works by otherContinue reading “Unusual #dailypost #photography #poetry”

Weekly Photo Challenge “Forward – The Challenge” #poetry #photography #philosophy #parenting

Take this stone throw it create a beginning moving outward fluid concentricity touches more points as it moves light catcher shape tracker moves images a sunken piece of mass inspires me to move forward * * As you  move forward what is it in the past that propelled you? Fear, a challenge, a friend, anContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge “Forward – The Challenge” #poetry #photography #philosophy #parenting”

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